Best Car Insurance in California For Young Adults

 As young adults that are still thin on money always have a desire to get the best car insurance they can get but also at a cheap price.

Having a car is a dream for many young adults, but when you finally get your first car you need to take care of it, and as you know the cost to maintain a car is not cheap at all especially if your car crashed, it can cost you thousands of dollars.

And luckily there is car insurance, a company that will cover your car if it's involved in an accident, but you need to be careful when choosing a car insurance or otherwise it will drain money from your pocket or even scam you.

And luckily again you read this article, because in this article i will give you a list of best car insurance in California for young adults so make sure you read this article till the end, because in the end of article i will give you tips saving money on car insurance. 

Best Car Insurance in California For Young Adults
Car Insurance

List of Cheapest Car Insurance in California for Young Adults

The cheapest and also the best car insurance for young adults in California is 

1. Geico

With $1,167 for the liability only make it the cheapest among the others in terms of liability only meanwhile for the full coverage is cost $4,306.

Geico is the cheapest in this list, Geico services is not doubt anymore most of their customers happy with how Geico handles car insurance policy claime,  It can be shown with how Geico customers recommend the company to others who looking for auto insurances.

2. State Farm

State Farm charge $1,205 for the liability only and $3,949 for the full coverage, making it the cheapest among the others in terms of full coverage.

State Farm known as easy to filling claims, the resolution of their claims, and also their customer service is great.

3. Mercury

$1,355 for the liability only and $4,217 for the full coverage.

4. Progressive

Progressive charge $1,387 for the liability only and $5,626 for full coverage.

5. AAA NorCal

$1,443 for the liability only and $6,703 for full coverage.

6. AAA SoCal

$1,850 for liability only and $6,539 for full coverage.

7. Allstate

$1,996 for liability only meanwhile $5,603 for the full coverage.

8. Farmers

Farmers charge $2,211 for liability only and $5,288 for full coverage

The Best Car Insurance For Young Adults in California

After knowing who is the cheapest it is time to knowing who is the best among the best.

There is only 2 best companies car insurance in California for young adults and that two companies is 

1. AAA

AAA become the best is because their affordable rates and their dependable support and coverage.

2. State Farm

State farm known as their wide variety of different types of coverages and also they offer a bundling with other types of insurances such as home or renters insurance which is great.

Tips Saving Money On Car Insurance for Young Adults

Now like I promised before, I will give you tips for choosing the right car insurance so it can keep your cheap car insurance still cheap.

1. Choosing the Right Car

The rates of every car are different compares to the others, luxury cars or high performance cars will cost you more, the same things apply with cars with high theft rates.

So make sure you make a contact with an insurance agent or getting an online quote first before you buy the car can really save you a lot of money from insuring a car that does not suit your financial situation.

2. Choosing Proper Coverages

Different people need different coverages, and it is important for you to adjust your car insurance coverage to suit your needs.

Sometimes it's a good things to take more than just the minimum coverage, even though you need to pay more.

3. Picking the Right Deductible

Paying for a low deductible when you have a car incident sounds really good, but sometimes in many cases you need to pick the highest deductible you could afford. 

4. Keep Your Driving Record Free

By keeping your driving record free you can maintain lower prices of your car insurance.

5. Pay Your Bills on Time

Insurance car companies use your credit score as their parameters when setting how much you have to pay, the lower your credit score it means you have to pay more.

6. Do Not Get Traffic Ticket

Not just to obey the rules but also to keep your driving record clean and it means you can save your money from paying car insurances.

7. Black Box

One of the reasons why the cost of your car insurance is high is because of the risk of having you making a claim, especially for young drivers who still lack experience.

The way out of this problem is install black box on your car, a black box will monitor how you drive if you drive well then the price will go down at renewal.

8. Consider How Much You'll be Driving

Not every person drives their car everyday so it means kinda useless having an annual insurance policy.

Thankfully that's a Pay as You Go Insurance, if you choose this type of insurance you only pay for the miles you drive.

9. Avoid Third Party

If you choose to take the third party cover it means you need to consider the additional cost when you try to make a claim when you are involved in an accident.

Usually third parties do not cover any damage to your car, replacement of your car, courtesy car, etc, so it means you need to use money from your own pocket for that.

10. Do Not Modify Your Car

If you modify your car it's gonna change the way a car handles or increase the car getting stolen and that will cause the insurance company to charge you more than usual.

That's the article about best car insurance in California for young adults.

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