How To Make Lucid Dream Last Longer: Beginners Tutorial

 When you lucid dreaming, you can do whatever you want. But, to be able to do whatever you want, first you need to increase your lucid dream duration.

But, how to do it? And welcome to my article and today i will teach you how to increase the duration of your lucid dream, up to 60 minutes or even more.

How To Make Lucid Dream Last Longer: Beginners Tutorial

Lucid Dream Duration

The Cause

To solve a problem, first we need to identify what causes the problems, then we can take action to beat that problem, the same things apply to lucid dreams. Usually people get lucid dreams with short duration because of these two thing.

1. Being Overly Emotional 

When you lucid dreaming being overly emotional isn't a good idea, because it will make you lose control and end up waking up from your lucid dream. Whatever happens in your lucid dream you need to maintain your emotions stable, don't get too excited, too scared, too happy. Just act natural like it all happens on your daily.

2. Lack of Experience 

Honestly this one is not a big deal, because you will overcome this problem just by getting a lot of lucid dreaming.

The Solutions

Every problem has solutions, including short duration lucid dreaming. To make your lucid dream last longer you need to do these 3 things and hopefully at the end of the article you will get lucid dream 3 to 5 times longer than your annual duration.

1. Stay Calm 

Remember what i told you a moment ago about being overly emotional, well, if you are being overly emotional what you need to do is stay calm. Stay calm and pay attention to the environment surrounding you and try to notice the details. It will help you to stay grounded and calm during lucid dreaming, after you feel comfortable with the environment, start to walk around and interact with that environment. 

And you don't need to do anything unnecessary or even extreme such as doing a backflip from a cliff, because there is no point doing it. The key is taking things little by little, piece by piece until you can control your dream fully and by that it will help you increase your lucid dream duration.

2. Doing Reality Check 

During your lucid dream you need to perform reality check as often as possible, if you do it, it will help to remind you that you're dreaming, by that it will help to keep control over your dream and will lead to increasing duration of your lucid dream. My favourite reality check is to attempt to push my fingers through my palm. 

3. Lucid Dreaming A Lot 

Experience is one of the keys to lucid dreaming longer, there is no other way to gain experience except by doing it. I'm sure you already know how to get lucid dream,  by lucid dreaming a lot you'll get more control of your lucid dream, because your mind and your body get used to it. And in your lucid dream, I suggest you to stay calm and doing reality check as often as possible, just like i told you before in points number one and two. If you do that, let's say for ten lucid dreams, I guarantee you that your lucid dream duration will increase significantly.

The Important Tips

It is time for the important tips to make your lucid dream longer

1. Rubbing Your Hand 

Rubbing your hand together is one of great ways to stop your lucid dream fading away, because rubbing your hand together will stimulate your brain consciousness and draws higher awareness to your dream body. So whenever you feel that you are losing control of your dream, you can just rub your hand together, simple but powerful.

2. Looking At Your Hand 

Still speaking about hands, but this time you just need to look and stare at your hand then shift all your focus when you are doing it and try to notice details on those hands, you probably wonder why? Well I will explain to you why, it is to sharpen your awareness, both of your body and mind and also to enhance your dream vision.

3. Demand Clarity 

When your lucid dream start to fade away or blurry, or not to vivid, you can ask your dream to get more clear, just shout CLARITY NOW or GIMME 4K RESOLUTION DREAM, it doesn't matter what phrase you use, as long you say it with full confidence and expectation what you say will come true. And yeah important for you to know, you only can use positive phrases, do not use negative phrases, like don't get blurry, because negative phrases, only will make your dream less likely to be clear.

4. Do Some Math 

Just simple math, not the complex one, like 1 plus 1 equals two or 3 times 3 is 9, Simple. The key is to build consciousness by engaging the function of some area in your brain.

5. Visualize A New Dream 

If you lose a grip when you lucid dreaming, you can try to visualize a new dream by imagining yourself on an elevator, an elevator that will bring you to your new lucid dream world. So anytime you feel your dream fade away,  you just close your eyes then imagine that you're on an elevator and when you arrive at your destination, you open your eyes and you will be in a new dream world, a dream world that is completely new and vivid.

Thank you for reading this article about how to make lucid dream last longer: beginners tutorial and keep lucid dreaming.

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