Fix Epson Printer Not Detected Windows 10

 Today I'll teach you how to fix Epson printers not detected in Windows 10 super easy and quick.

Dealing with Epson printers not detected on your Windows can cause a massive headache and will make you feel that your head is splitting in two, really? Of course not, I'm joking with you. But seriously sometimes it can confused you alot by having your printers not detected on your Win10, just like what happened to me a moment ago, I was having a hectic day working on my report document and i need to print it before 1pm and thankfully by 12:30pm I already finished it but suddenly the nightmares occurs when I want to print the report document, my Epson printer not detected I was panicked and I remember maybe it's the driver that need to get reinstall after i did it nothing change, my last attempt I ask my friend and thanks God my friend willingly coming to my house to help me fix the printer and turn out it's not a big deal at all, you just need perform a quick and easy setting, Thanks bro you saving my life because of you I can finish my documents report on time.

And that's why now I want to share with you guys how to fix Epson printer not detected Windows 10 easily.

Fix Epson Printer Not Detected Windows 10
Fix Epson Printer Not Detected Windows 10

Fixing Epson Printer Not Detected On Windows 10

To fix Epson printer not detected on windows 10, you just need to follow this instructions.

  1. Turn on your printer and connect to your computer using USB cable
  2. Go to Control Panel --> Devices and Printers
  3. Click Add a printers
  4. Then, click The printer that I want isn't listed
  5. After it, check the option of Add a local printer or network printer with manual setting, after it click Next 
  6. Choose USB001 (the name can be different depends on which USB port you connect your printer) at drop down menu of using an existing port, then click Next
  7. Click Windows Update to refresh the list of printer then wait till the process finish 
  8. After it, find the type of your printer, in this case is Epson printers. Example I will choose Epson L32110 series, then click Next
  9. Then, choose the option of Use the driver that is currently installed (recommended), then click Next
  10. Click Next again
  11. Then, you can setting if you want to share your printer on network or not, after you decide you click Next 
  12. After it, click print test page to see if your your Epson printer fully detected and connected 
  13. Last, click finish to end the fixing process

Thank you for reading this article of mine about fix Epson printer not detected windows 10.

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