How To Save Money On Groceries As a College Student

 Today I'll give you a tutorial on how to save money on groceries as a college student effectively.

Being a college student is fun, you'll experience a lot of things on your time as a college student. Partying every Saturday night,  doing random things with your friend, and love stories.

But there is one big obstacle for most college students, money. Well basically money is everything, every single thing needs money. Is either to pay the tuition fee or to hangout or even to buy something luxurious to boost up yourself in front of your friends. Money is important for college students.

Except if you're from a rich family you don't have to worry about money. Daddy money for life baby.

And if you're from a middle or low class family you need to be concerned about money. Well you always can get a part time job but that means you need to sacrifice your time as a young man, but hey no need ashame of it.

And the other option is savings, if you save your money from spending it unwisely, you can survive college without being too much concerned about money.

One of those unwise things is groceries, yes I know that groceries are important for everyone but that doesn't mean you can spend half of your monthly budget just on groceries.

A lot of college students spend their money on groceries that they don't really need. So if you can cut that budget, let's say half of it, it means you can use that money for other things that are more relevant and important to you such as tuition fee.

And if you want to save your money on groceries you're in the right place because in this article I will give you a proper way to save up money on groceries for college students real easy and effective. So make sure you read this article till the end.

How To Save Money On Groceries As a College Student
Saving Money On Groceries

How To Save Money On Groceries As a College Student Effectively

These are guidance for college students to save up money on groceries.

Use College Students Discount

One of the benefits as a college student is you tend to get discounts when you shop in grocery stores. Usually local and nearby grocery stores from your campus offer 5 - 10 % discount.

But always remember to bring your university ID to verify that you're really a college student. So don't hesitate to shop at the nearest grocery store from your campus. In the end this is a great way to save money on groceries.

Buy Store Products Brand

If you pay enough attention to the stuff in grocery stores, you will notice that there's a product that is labeled with the name of the store. I suggest you buy that product instead of a product with a big brand name.

Because they are basically the same, only the price is different. So if you choose to buy the store product brand you can get the same quality and quantity for the products plus you will get it at a cheaper price.

Switch To Vegetables & Frozen Vegetables

Switching to vegetables is great option for you to save up money on groceries, not just the price of meats is expensive but also not environment friendly.

So you not just save up money but also save the environment. You must also need to try frozen vegetables, because it is cheaper than normal vegetables plus frozen vegetables are practical for busy college students.

Meals Planning

You need to make a plan for what you want to eat for a week, and then make a shopping list for what all you need to make that meal.

Hopefully by making a plan about your meal for that one week, it will make your budget still under control and prevent a swell budget. And it is important for you just to make an ordinary meal plan, not too expensive but also full of nutrition and of course healthy.


Never underestimate the power of coupons, because coupons can really benefit when you try to squeeze your groceries budget.

So from now on find coupons as many as you can from anywhere.

Bring Your Own Grocery Bags

As you know that plastic is damaging the environment and one of the biggest sources of plastic waste is from groceries, the plastic bags. And also in some states plastic bags for grocery are not free. 

So if you apply this step not just you can save some money but also you save the planet.

Shopping After You Eat

If you shop for groceries while your belly is empty, you will tend to shop for more food.

So before you go out shopping you better eat something first or at least grab some snacks.

Shopping Alone

If you go out shopping with your friends or even your family you will tend to shop more for unnecessary items. To counter that you can go shop on your own so you can be more thorough about the items you will be purchasing, such as the price, the discount, or even you can compare the products with the competitors product.

Buy What Is In The Season

Do not buy some items or products that's not in season, because that can be really expensive.

Use Your Freezer

Using a freezer is a great way to keep your food, especially vegetables and fruits, lasting longer and stay in fresh condition.

That means you can prevent those foods from getting rotten and also that means you can save money from it.

Never Buy Perishable Bulk Items

As college students we tend to buy bulk items, but first make sure that those items are not perishable, like a bag of tomato or a dozen cucumbers or even 5 gallons of milk. You don't need these items at that quantity otherwise you just end up wasting money even more.

Instead if you want to buy bulk items make sure that the items are nonperishable, such as oats or rice.

Make Everything Counts

Make every food ingredient that is left in your fridge or pantry count by making it into meals.

Never throw it away because you don't know what you should do with those food ingredients, as long as it is in good shape, you cook it.

Full Aware On Cash Register

When you check out the items in grocery stores, you better pay full attention to the cashier. Just to make sure that they sell to you the correct price. If you think that price is incorrect just don't hesitate or be shy to ask the cashier to double check the price.

Shopping On One Dollar Store

If there is a One Dollar Store near you, definitely you should shop there, with a really cheap price of products they sell that's hard to miss out. But, if there isn't any One Dollar Store near you, maybe you can arrange a trip just to shop at the One Dollar Store, maybe once a week.

Thanks for reading this article of mine about how to save money on groceries for college students effectively. And hopefully you can get the benefits for using those tips.

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